BRWC Results – 2019

Australian Roadwalk Championships, Adelaide, Sunday 8 September 2019

Four BRWC walkers were in action in the annual Australian Roadwalk Championships in Adelaide in early September and all were successful. Jemma Peart (U20 10km), Alanna Peart (U18 5km) and Fraser Saunder (U16 10km) all won their respective age groups, each capping off what has been a great winter season of excellence. Rounding out the list, Scott Peart was part of the winning Victorian team in the Boys U14 3km Walk.

Girls 10km Road Walk Under 20
1. Peart, Jemma        VIC   53:09.03

Girls 5km Road Walk Under 18
1. Peart, Alanna       VIC   24:43.01

Boys 5km Road Walk Under 16
1. Saunder, Fraser     VIC   24:11.00   PB 0:25

Boys 3km Road Walk Under 14
8. Peart, Scott        VIC   17:48.03  PB 0:05

Team Gold:  RWV  (Liam Hutchins, Sebastian Weickhardt, Scott Peart)

Jemma Peart

Alanna Peart

Fraser Saunder

Scott Peart

BRWC Graeme Nicholls Lap of the Lake & Jastec 1.5km Handicap, Ballarat, Sunday 18 August

This week we held our annual dual club races of the Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake and the 1.5km Jastec Handicap. We were privileged to have both Graeme’s wife Robyn and his sister Alison travel up to attend the race in Graeme’s honour. We even managed to have minimal wind and no rain during the race. It was great to see Alison enjoy her scenic walk around her old stomping ground of the Lake, and be reminded of the chilly winds off the lake.

All walkers took off for their lap of the lake, with Alanna Peart taking the lead of the race and finishing with the fastest time of 27:42, with Fraser Saunder close behind in 29:56 (1:14 PB). On handicaps Kaylah Heikkla-Dubowik was the winner in her first 6km race, finishing in 37:21, with Fraser & Sarah Brennan taking out 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Our small group of juniors contested the 1.5km Jastec Handicap, with all starting off in a group. Scott Peart took the lead and finished with an 11sec PB in 8:29, followed by Jorja Tallent and Charlotte McDonell.

Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake Handicap
1. Kaylah Heikkla-Dubowik       17:53   First One
2. Fraser Saunder               29:56   PB 1:14
3. Sarah Brennan                34:44
4. Alanna Peart                 29:42
5. Jemma Peart                  31:46   New U20 BRWC record

Jastec 1.5km Handicap
1. Scott Peart                   8:29   PB 0:11
2. Jorja Tallent                10:44
3. Charlotte McDonell           11:00   First one

Kaylah, Sarah, Alannah, Alison, Robyn, Jemma, Scott, Scott, Jorja and Charlotte on Sunday

They’re off in the Graeme Nicholls 6km Lap of the Lake

They’re off in the Jaytec 1.5km Handicap

6km Handicap winner Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik with Alison and Robyn

1.5km Handicap winner Scott Peart with Alison and Robyn

BRWC President’s Cup 3km Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Sunday 4 August

Our small group of walkers was keen to hit out for the President’s Cup. Working from a staggered start, our backmarkers were focused on chasing down the scratch starters. Charlotte MacDonell started off strongly, with Scott Peart chasing her down in the closing part of the race to win in his equal PB time of 17:53. Fraser Saunder was powering home strongly, not able to catch the front markers, but finishing with the fastest time of the race in 14:37. Joining us were two new walkers, Memphis and Lexey from Maryborough, giving racewalking a try with an initial 1km, then continuing on for another 1km. We hope to see the girls joining us for another race.

President’s Cup 3km Handicap
1. Scott Peart                  17:53   Equal PB
2. Charlotte MacDonell          22:13
3. Fraser Saunder               14:37
4. Alanna Peart                 17:12
5. Jemma Peart                  17:22   New U20 BRWC record

2km Walk
1. Memphis                      16:41   First time
2. Lexey                        17:21   First time

Winner Scott Peart with presenter Ruby Saunders

August 2019 – Alanna Peart is VicWest Academy of Sport Athlete of the Year

We are more used to seeing them in racing shorts and vests but Jemma and Alanna Peart donned the good gear at the annual the FedUni WestVic Academy of Sport Awards gala dinner in Ballarat in August 2019. Both had been nominated for the WestVic Academy of Sport Athlete of the Year, along with some other talented athletes. This time it was younger sister Alanna who won the overall award. Great work girls!

Jemma (left) and Alanna (right) Peart with dad and coach Wayne at the Awards

Victorian Roadwalk Championships, Middle Park, Sunday 28 July 2019

Four BRWC walkers were in action in the recent Victorian Roadwalk Championships in Melbourne, with all 4 winning medals. Well done to Alanna and Fraser (gold), Jemma (silver) and Charlotte (bronze).

Victorian U20 Girls 10 km Championship
2. Peart, Jemma            52:21

Victorian U18 Girls 5 km Championship
1. Peart, Alanna           23:12   PB 0:27

Victorian U16 Boys 5 km Championship
1. Saunder, Fraser         24:36   PB 0:20

VRWC U10 2km Club Championship
3. MacDonell, Charlotte    14:50   First 2km walk

Victorian Schools Roadwalk Championships, Middle Park, Sunday 23 June 2019

BRWC walkers Jemma, Alannah and Scott Peart, Fraser Saunder and Charlotte MacDonnell were all in action in the Victorian Schools Racewalk Championships meet in Middle Park on Sunday 23rd June. All performed well, with golds to Alanna and Fraser, silver to Jemma and bronze to Scott, while Charlotte finished just outside the medals in her first race in Melbourne.

AV Schools U20 Girls 10 km
2.  Peart, Jemma           Ballarat High School         49:21   PB 2:35

AV Schools U18 Girls 5 km
1.  Peart, Alannah         Ballarat High School         24:14

AV Schools U16 Boys 3 km
1.  Saunder, Fraser        Ballarat Grammar School      14:21

AV Schools U14 Boys 3 km
3.  Peart, Scott           Black Hill Primary School    17:53   PB 0:08

VRWC U12 2.5km Championship Girls
14. MacDonnell, Charlotte  BRWC                         18:39




LBG Carnival, Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra, Sunday 9 June

BRWC walkers Jemma, Alannah and Scott Peart were part of the Racewalking Victoria team in Canberra on the Queens Birthday long weekend and they competed with distinction, each doing two races, a pretty tough program with a minimal break between races.

Jemma and Alannah won all the women’s races from U16 to Open – something I can’t remember happening before.

Jemma       1st   U20 10km     53:51
            1st   U18  5km     26:37
Alannah     1st   U16  3km     14:34
            1st   Open 5km     25:58
Scott       9th   U14  2km     11:44
           11th   U16  3km     18:05 
            2nd   U16  3km

Thanks to all the support crew in the background helping the kids to achieve these great results & having fun at the same time with the other Vic Athletes – Thanks WestVic Academy of Sport, Chris & RADcentre, Coach Wayne Peart, VRWC, Jess Rothwell, & Daryl helping Scotty with his style.




Alannah, Jemma and Scott with trophies and medals

BRWC Benita Van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Sunday 19 May

A bright Autumn morning greeted the walking group and the Van Raaphorst family at the race held in their sisters Benita’s honour. Benita Van Raaphorst was an up and coming junior racewalker who 18 years ago passed away in an accident, and this race is held in memory of her dedication to racewalking.

With the football season in full swing some of our walkers were otherwise occupied. Our small field keenly headed off in handicap order with our new walker Charlotte MacDonell leading the way and holding on to the end, finishing in 21:56 with a 2:50 sec PB. Laura Ballinger was not able to catch Charlotte but also finished well in 20:14 with a 51sec PB. Third place went to Fraser Saunder with a new club U16 record of 14:27.

Benita Van Raaphorst Memorial 3km Handicap
1. Charlotte MacDonell    21:56   PB:2:50 
2. Laura Balluinger       20:14   PB:0:51
3. Fraser Saunder         14:27
4. Scott Peart            18:14
5. Jemma Peart            15:10

Charlotte MacDonell

Charlotte MacDonell with van Raaphorst family

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap, North Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Sunday 5 May

Once again, the Ballarat North Gardens provided the backdrop for our first race of the winter season. It was a small but keen group of walkers greeting the start line in this year’s Wili Sawall 3km walk, and in the presence of the great walker Willi Sawall himself. It was our top juniors who led out early with Jemma Peart, Alanna Peart and Fraser Saunder all producing good times, none giving an inch as they battled to the finish line. Jemma finished with the fastest time. Not to be out done Laura Ballinger produced a fine walk to cross the line in a time of 21:17. However it was Scott Peart who took the handicap honours in a time of 18:02. We also welcomed our new member Charlotte MacDonell for her first walk.

Willi Sawall 3km Handicap 3km Handicap
1. Scott Peart            18:02
2. Jemma Peart            14:21
3. Fraser Saunder         14:46
4. Alanna Peart           14:37
5. Laura Ballinger        21:17
6. Charlotte MacDonell    24:46  First one

Willi Sawall with winner Scott Peart